Bali Baby's cover art Baylor Swift
Photo: Courtesy of publicist
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Review: Bali Baby’s ‘Baylor Swift’ is the artist’s most experimental project to date


Bali Baby's cover art Baylor Swift

Photo: Courtesy of publicist

On May 8, Bali Baby released her anticipated debut album, ‘Baylor Swift’. While not a stranger to giving her derivative on noteworthy names in the entertainment world, the twenty-year-old artist (who would much rather not put herself into a musical category) shines bright with her new sobriquet. The Atlanta-based artist tells all of her venerations for fellow rappers from the Atlanta area in an interview with The Source. Being from one of the most talented cities in the world, Bali relinquishes her style on ‘Baylor Swift’. The eight-track project is Bali’s emergence of her self-proclaimed take on Pop-Rock. After dealing with an abusive relationship and more, Bali uses her work to tell her story. Back in April, she posted on her Instagram that,” [the project], tells the tale of a broken-hearted girl who puts her all into the mic.” Mixing her real experiences with a new fun, punchy, and vivacious style, Bali’s “Baylor Swift” is the artists’ most experimental project to date.

With her briskly cute voice and dashing lyrics, the young artist starts off with a gutsy yet bubbly delivery. As she allows her effervescent flow to take over, Bali Baby’s harmonies, ad-libs, and quirky cadence conglomerate together. Making me reminisce about the soundtrack of the Bubble-Pop songs of the nineties and early two-thousands I used to play, Bali Baby’s served jovial rockstar realness. Fun and vivacious with just the right amount of attitude, Bali Baby abilities are worth the enthral. The artist’ youtube has premiered videos for songs ‘WWW’ and ‘Backseat’ where her out-of-the-box artistry is displayed. Expressively articulated highlights on topics such as heartbreak and love let listeners hear more of her immediate self.

As the composition encompasses her mirthful tone and insistent flow, the jocundly Pop-Rock-ish feeling inevitably presents itself. Bali Baby is currently on tour in the United States.

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