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Canada rapper B1gjuice shares new revelations with listeners on ‘CHAPTER 2.Revelation’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Life seems to be the greatest teacher of all, at least for those searching for its answers. Sharing some of the lessons life has revealed to him, is B1gjuice on his song ‘CHAPTER 2.Revelation’. With an open heart, he speaks on the struggle that he’s faced, as well as, the ways he dealt with it. Coming from a place of not feeling enough, as stated at the beginning of the song, listeners can feel the growth and the revelations that he shares throughout.

As he finds himself, his purpose and his process of achieving his goal, he lets us into his mind, and gives some important advice for those going through some of the experiences he’s faced, and endured. He encourages listeners to keep moving on, stating “in due time you’ll find, just keep pushing’”. This is an important song, with a needed message.


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