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an we all agree that autotune is just a part of the current sound of Hip-Hop? I feel like the people who wish it were dead, should give it up and accept it. It’s not going anywhere. Now, we all have to suffer while horrible-tuned rappers struggle through simple verses. No, not really. There are a few rapper-singers who have mastered the use of autotune. They are the entertainers whose songs we can’t seem to stop playing.

Speaking of the few that get it: Kansas City rapper Axi$ released a video for “For The Money/Wave.” It is a short film made in his hometown. In it, the musician discusses life and death, and escapism from an environment able to swallow you like quicksand. In my opinion, Axi$ is a great songwriter. He has the capability to make songs that will appeal to the masses.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

It’s refreshing when you hear an artist use autotune and it doesn’t make you cringe. I played this video back many times; just to listen to the music. I need to hear this kid on the radio. I can’t wait to hear more from him. Check out the Marko Steez-direction below.


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