Available Now: Sarah Silverman’s Emmy-Winning “We Are Miracles”


Sarah Silverman’s We Are Miracles, the acclaimed performer’s Emmy-winning headline special for HBO, is now available worldwide from Sub Pop. We Are Miracles is available for purchase from the Sub Pop Mega Mart, iTunes, and Amazon.

    “Prepare for an evening of riotously shocking material as sharp-witted stand-up superstar Sarah Silverman steps up for her first HBO solo special. Performing in front of an intimate audience of just 39 fans at L.A.’s Largo nightclub, Silverman takes aim at such subjects as cell-phone porn, crazy religions, specialty deodorants, terrible roommates, eyebrow waxing, her 19-year-old dog, Obama and Republicans, having babies, Pixar movies, the miracle of existence, and much more.” — via

Watch a clip below:

About Sarah Silverman:

Emmy winner Sarah Silverman is as versatile a performer as they come. Her repertoire includes everything from film and television, stand-up comedy, to iconic online videos.

Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles Tracklisting

01. Nighttime Rituals
02. Speaking of Cum, My Mother’s Been Sick
03. Killing Jesus
04. Planting the Seeds of Insecurity
05. Looking Inward
06. A Heartbreaking Story
07. Rape Jokes: Comedy’s Hidden Gem
08. Muster
09. Senator Obama
10. Human Puppies
11. Diva

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Written by Manny King John

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