Audiomack launches Connect feature for artists and fans

This feature enhances the interaction between music creators and the fans.

After launching the Creator app in February 2022, music streaming platform Audiomack adds a new feature called ‘Connect Tab’, which lets artists send direct messages to all their followers.

Source: Audiomack

This new feature lets artists:

  1. Announce new music or content
  2. Tell fans the story behind the music (liner notes, thank yous, etc.)
  3. Reinvigorate a promotional campaign
  4. Start an AMA to answer or ask the fans a question!
  5. Thank fans for supporting their work

This free, first-of-its-kind feature provides the ability to communicate with fans easily and at scale. For fans, a follow now means more—follow your favorite artists so you don’t miss a message.

Creators can send messages via the desktop or mobile web by clicking the messages icon in the top right-hand corner. However, utilizing the Creator App is recommended to take full advantage of the feature.

Written by Manny King John

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