Introducing Astrid Andersen’s male crop top

Behold, the male crop top by Astrid Andersen.

Providing an interesting look into the male physique and androgynous design to say the least, Astrid Andersen’s inspiration was clearly deeply-rooted in men’s activewear adding moderate “urban” influences to give off a very futuristic vibe which made her collection very polarizing. Quite frankly, you either love it, hate it, or you just love to hate it all at once. This muted collection showed an array of white-washed pieces on display for runway viewers with unusually toned, muscular and sleek looking models for your viewing pleasure. The aesthetic – at its core would seem very masculine – if it were not for the blurred lines of the details and attributes on many of the pieces. Andersen teased the lines of male-inspired design by using lace, mink applique, sheer inserts and sheer caftan, mesh, spandex, leggings, tanks with cut-off sleeves, and [gasp] crop tops. All of which gives us a slight pause, as to what the element of her inspiration really was.

A new age vs. mainstream vision

Perhaps, Astrid Andersen is light years ahead of her time, as the elements of her 2014 Spring-Summer designs suggest. Although, incorporated among the more striking pieces, were traditional basketball shorts, hoodies, loose fitting track pants, and a bejeweled printed track suit to level out the collection. While her collection is training-gear inspired, her approach to male athleticism on a designer level would be more suited for the families with one way tickets to Mars.


The stand out piece in this collection was the male crop top. Astrid Andersen’s use of skin was interesting and rooted in the design / cut of the crop top. In hindsight the top would seem pointless and serves no real purpose, since it does not cover any vital body parts, which is essentially what clothing does – preserve modesty. Though Andersen’s thought process was ingenious in that, instead of hiding the male torso and being modest, she decided to play it up and create a piece that not only frames the physique but highlights it as well. Interesting! Only time will tell if this will be something that will catch on with men, especially since it’s a very extreme cut. However, that does not mean we won’t be seeing more men in crop top’s of the six-pack-tummy baring variety and maybe, just maybe [to my horror]. Men in Lace. Overall a good debut effort for Astrid Andersen, and the introduction of her space-aged-unisex guy.



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