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New Music Saturdays: 4 new songs you should hear featuring Asta Hiroki and Kevin McHale


SANTI – Menea featuring Arianna Rovegno (Submission)

Certain times in my life I just want to dance, even though I can’t, I still do. So, I go to my playlists and pick the beautifully titled ‘Shake Something’ playlist and proceed to get it in! I think I found a new song to add to the list, Santi’s new song ‘Menea’. As soon as the beat drops it makes you want to dance and shake so the title is fitting. Listen to this amazingly infectious song and shake what your mama gave you.

Asta Hiroki – Hiding Place featuring Lylli (Submission)

There are times in life when you just want to hide. You want to place yourself out of the eyesight of any onlookers so they aren’t able to judge your actions or thoughts. Sometimes, you just need to get away. Listen to Asta Hiroki’s new song ‘Hiding Place’ and take cover.

Stevan – Timee (Submission)

One thing I love about music is the creativity that the artists bring to each record. I love the freedom that each artist has and the lack of boundaries shown with each note played. I hate to say that this cannot be said about every act but the ones that you can say this about are special. Stevan is just that, special. Check out his first single ever released, ‘Timee’ and this kid is only 18, wow.

Kevin McHale – James Dean (Submission)

A good song is a good song no matter how loud you play it. Kevin McHale’s new song ‘James Dean’ is just that, good! Play this song at very high volumes to your man. Let him know you appreciate him and all his manly smells.


Written by Manny King John

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