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Listen to Asta Hiroki’s latest track ‘Between Love and Happiness’ (featuring Muhsinah)

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Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Is there a word for that feeling you get when you buy a candy bar from the machine, but it spits out two? An introduction. I first came across Muhsinah when I was digging for experimental beats to read and draw to. This had to be around 2010. There was a producer by the name of Mike Slott, that upon first hearing, I instantly began to adore and admire. He had a track that featured Muhsinah called Deux Three (from Flunky/Deux Three 7”). A bubbly groove sandwiched between 8-bit aesthetics and Dilla drums. They were speaking my language. Honestly, it was so underground at the time that I don’t know whether it was his or her song. It was just a loose zip file posted in one of those nerdy chat rooms I felt at home being a part of. That song made my day and made me a new fan of both of them.

Fast forward to now, I am assigned to review ‘Between Love and Happiness’. Producer, Asta Hiroki alley-oops the most beautiful piece of production to Mushinah for this Lover’s Lullaby. It’s a Siren’s song. The flavor is sumptuous; one part cognac, the other herbal tea.

I will never choose between love and happiness/because us ain’t over yet.

This song is gorgeous. My rewritten text does this poetry, no justice.

The same excitement I felt, when I first heard Muhsinah with Mike, grabs hold of me in now coming across her and Asta. That two for one feeling. I will certainly be keeping up with Asta Hiroki.

Written by Gregoire Sex

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