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There’s so much beauty in being Black: Askari shines a light with ‘Sunbeams’

Photo: Instagram

Recently someone asked, what it means to be Black? It’s litness.

Black is beautiful and Askari knows it. On ‘Sunbeams’, he dedicates the first verse to describing the simultaneous beauty and plight of being Black in America. Above all, he concludes that despite living with targets on our backs, there is nothing else he’d rather be, struggle and all. Askari makes sure to flex some knowledge (courtesy of WEB DuBois) in his double entendres, following it up with a comparison between Black peoples’ light and sunbeams.

Double consciousness choking up my esophagus — do you know what I mean? ‘I can’t breathe.’

Askari floats over the second verse on ‘Sunbeams’ with bars about hard work, dedication and overcoming inner demons and vices. He values this one life we have, so he wakes up every day and approaches the day with a new consciousness. I’m tryna be like Askari.

We niggas. We take the pressure but we never crack; we tend to shine in every place that you could find

Stream ‘Sunbeams’ and the whole ‘When We Fight’ EP by Askari now. Don’t sleep.


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