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Ashtin Larold releases a new track titled, ‘Shinobi’

A New Jersey-native, Ashtin Larold compares himself to a ninja in his latest track, ‘Shinobi’.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Ashtin Larold
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Ashtin Larold’s song ‘Shinobi’ has a solid clean sound.At no point did I have wonder what was said, which is a reality that I struggle with in most Rap music today. In the record, I can hear influence from rappers Drake and G-Eazy. Even still, Ashtin’s style is very strong, confident and likeable. The term ‘Shinobi’ is the original Japanese word for ninja, to which Ashtin refers to himself as. He talks about the moves he has been making with his music, money and overall success.

“Moving in, moving in, moving in silence, I feel like Shinobi. I kept it low-key; sleeping on me b*tch, I hope you were cozy,” Larold raps.

Don’t sleep on Ashtin any longer. Stream his song, ‘Shinobi’ below.


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