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Brooklyn singer-songwriter A$H shares new Gospel EP ‘Soul Songs’: Listen to ‘Special’

Photo: SoundCloud

Gospel music, to me, has always felt like worship that can be joyful, triumphant, even loud, or it can be repentance, humble, and emotional. Gospel music not only delivers the message, but it can also feel like a testimony, a moment to cry out, and relief all in one. Gospel music can be your epiphany and revelation, your prayer and covenant, your lessons and stories, and your beliefs and feelings.

A forever trending topic is a vague change and the future. Gospel music has stayed relevant and chart-topping, but why is that? Sike! That is a discussion for another time. Back to A$H and ‘Special’, this song has a different style for Gospel. Gospel is where rhythm and blues come from. This beat is jazzier than your typical piano, horns, and drums praise jam. It makes you feel comfortable and simultaneously vulnerable. You feel like reflecting and realizing. The moment when you come to and know you are blessed and wrapped in the Light is an energy you can feel in this song.

This R&B sounding Gospel song can blend well in between Top 40, Urban, and Gospel. That appeal can reach many types of souls. During this time of being home and not able to convene, take some time, and add ‘Special’ to your “Worship and Focus Playlist.”

If you are ever in need of an uplift, ‘Special’ is a full song that is four minutes long. While you might feel down and out, and low, A$H sings your spirit to comfort that you matter because you matter to Him. The repetition of the word title of the song provides a soothing feeling that you will always be illuminated to Him no matter what you do or go through.

The beauty of Gospel music is that it doesn’t discriminate. You don’t have to be the most righteous and pious to enjoy a vibe such as this. This song can touch anyone, just go ahead and check it out on SoundCloud.

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