Artistic Vessel: Sheefy McFly

Tashif Turner, renowned in the Detroit art world as “Sheefy McFly,” discusses his art. Sheefy views his work as the production of unconscious impulses, as an expression of inspiration, experience, and emotion. The video further explores the relationship between Sheefy’s music and graphic art. His images, rich with bold color and evocative line, feel loud to look at. Sheefy speaks as though he is merely an artistic vessel, one who coaxes whims and interests into conceptual pieces, art forms so lush one is wrapped within them. His depictions range in form and medium, with images as disparate as a surreal painting of a cow eating human flesh, to a realistic self portrait done in graphite, with one half of the face carved carefully away. Sheefy’s artwork demands the attention of its audience but, it seems, Sheefy does not. “Some people are artists for the money… I’m an artist because it’s the only thing I know how to do.” The Detroit-based artist mesmerizes, it seems, without even trying.

Words by Lily Sloss

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Written by Manny King John

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