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#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Arlie, Gilbert Lee)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Arlie, Gilbert Lee, CLINE and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Arlie, Gilbert Lee, CLINE and more.


Arlie – Didya Think (Submission)

Warm voices are welcoming. So, whenever we come across one that sounds like Arlie’s we want it to last forever. Much like how the singer-songwriter Nathaniel Banks felt when he heard the first mix of this record, we want to play it again, too. It is the second single from the Nashville-based band’s project. Stream “Didya Think” now.

Ida Stein – Are We Changing (Analogstøy Chillout Remix)

Vocally as stunning as the legendary Björk, Norwegian singer Ida Stein gets an official Ambient remix for “Are We Changing.” Play the well-done Analogstøy rendition now. Then, with an open heart and mind, answer the following questions: Are we changing or are we standing still?

Gilbert Lee – Buzzing in Stereo (Submission)

You haven’t heard new Folk music that sounds this good. It is such a beautiful record from his seven-track EP: Magic Through the Static. Stream the soothing track by Cumberland, Maryland singer-songwriter Gilbert Lee now. This “eclectic, swamp-rock” is worth every minute of your time.

CLINE – Heartbeats (Submission)

Laurinburg, North Carolina is a far way from The Big Apple. The songwriting is easy to understand. The backing track fits. Additionally, it is passionate, and not overbearing. Based on what we’ve heard, we think CLINE is on his way. Stream “Heartbeats” below. Lastly, check him out on NoiseTrade.

Edjacated Phools – Check the Vibes (Submission)

Believe it or not, 420 is on its way. Edjacated Phools’ “Lost My Stash” is a song for the smokers. Add it to your 420 playlists, as soon as possible. It is from the group’s thirteen-track album titled, “Check the Vibes.”

The MSGS – King Carnivore (Submission) (Bonus)

Japanese three-piece Pop-Punk band, The MSGS, released a high-energy number called, “King Carnivore” in English. It is a thought-provoking single from their album, “Chuck.” According to the promotional text provided, the track is “about the destructive power of monopolies.” Also, in its last verse, it warns “that no matter how wealthy one becomes, there’s always something bigger than you.” Stream the entire album through this link.

Written by Manny King John


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