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Ari Lennox lives up to the hype with the release of the impeccable ‘Shea Butter Baby’


Ari Lennox has knocked down the door and stepped into the conversation of the who to know in R&B/Soul, with the release of her debut album ‘Shea Butter Baby’. Top to bottom, it’s everything the hype surrounding the claimed it is and then a whole lot more. Her music comes from a soulful, honest place, which adds to her relatability on records like ‘New Apartment’ where she enjoys having her independence and the freedom to control her own space, but adds the twist in that all that is great, but what’s going to be holding you down at night? The album explores love, sex, pain, coping, and honestly comes off as an exploration of self and all the factors that play into the coming together of the person Ari Lennox is depicting to fans and listeners. One of the most beautiful aspects of this album is the way she blends the power of her individuality as a woman, and the understanding that it’s okay to have feelings, it’s okay to want love, and it’s okay to support someone you love who’s perfect for you.


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