Ari Lennox’s song ‘Cognac Eyes’ gives that soulful symphony we love in a love song: Stream

Ari Lennox, the ‘Shea Butter Baby’ herself has an unreleased track that shows off her vocals and brings that sex appeal on SoundCloud. Lennox is known for her description of brown imagery and this song uses that metaphor to deliver a message of seduction. The lyrical walkthrough from her experience is beautifully wrapped with the tempo and beat that makes the song an undeniable hit. The Dreamville artist expresses the physical and emotional appeal in the song, leaving us with our own image of who the person may look like. The deep correlation of her description and the title of the song adds flavor to the soulful song.

This song did not make it on the ‘Shea Butter Baby’ album, but it is accessible on SoundCloud. Listen to the song below.


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