A&R Feedback: VBae – Drugz

The song is titled ‘Drugz’, however, the lyrics don’t mention the usual conversation and buzz words associated with drugs in a song.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Could this new artist get you hooked?

This video surprised me. The beat is super fire, the sample looping draws you in, the beat is so good, that you ignore that the song title is spelt out as ‘Drugz’ in the video. While I enjoyed the introduction to VBae and her very sexy animal print bodysuit walking up the driveway to a G-wagon and nice abode, what captures you is the beat. The song is titled ‘Drugz’, however, the lyrics don’t mention the usual conversation and buzz words associated with drugs in a song. There is no discussion of drug sales, preparation, clientele, robbery, anyone being charged with a RICO, or feigns in a trap house. This song seems to be your typical f&#!k me song but on a beat that Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Big Krit, or Mac Miller might usually float on. ‘Drugz’, and the few times mentioned, addiction seems to be all about her little pill if you catch my drift…

This Floridian rapper’s lyrics do flow over the beat, and her voice actually sounds good with the air around the song. So not only does her curvaceous body look good in her corset and bodysuit, but she is serving you overall sex appeal without the creepy Carole Baskin vibe.

I will say she needs to upgrade her videographer. I do not understand the point of her being on a dining room table for a song titled ‘Drugz’, but is rapping about how sweet her candy is. The shots of flowers, car emblems, and table cloths don’t really do anything for the imagination either. VBae repetitively asks in the song, “Can you get it wet? Can you get it drippin’?” and the only thing wet on her is her wet body wave wigs she wears in the video, which is interesting because she actually stands in a pool. During this time of sitting at home and boredom, people are showing significant creativity with video editing apps that are available for free in the Apple Store. Adobe has been offering sales on different editing software for a few weeks now.

Again, the beat is dope. The beat sets a specific tone that you can smoke to this, ride to this, or get lusty to this. Big ups and shoutout to who made the beat. But the artist definitely sparks an interest to see what else she will put out in the future. The lyrics do not match the song title or the video, but check it out for yourself…

Words by Coop

Written by Manny King John

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