Apple Sourcing TomTom Data For Maps, Sale Of Nokia’s HERE

Raise your hand if you got lost using your iPhone Maps app! Just yesterday, in an attempt to search for my gym’s parking lot… I was completely lost. The frustration is so real, I’ve nearly thrown my phone several times, due to my iPhone Maps app providing me with the wrong information. With that being said, TomTom will continue their sourcing data for Apple. Since 2012, TomTom has provided this service to Apple after ceasing to use Google Map. The company has extended their global agreement with Apple with not only maps but other forms of information, as said in Amsterdam on May 19. Yet, we we are still awaiting confirmation from both parties. On another note, Nokia’s HERE map business is hurting at the moment, and struggling to maintain. Nokia first bought HERE for approximately $8 billion and now, they are selling it for $3.2 billion. It’s rumored that Apple may be one of the bidders for Nokia’s HERE in a last ditch effort to save the company.

Co-edited by Tavia Hartley

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Written by Manny King John

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