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Apple Music taps Nile Rodgers as its artist expert for Spatial Audio

Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

World renowned artist, composer and producer brings Spatial Audio catalogue to Apple Music

Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

Today, the legendary artist, songwriter, producer, and Rock & Roll and Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Nile Rodgers has been announced as Apple Music’s Artist in Residence focusing on Spatial Audio. Over a career-spanning five decades, Nile Rodgers has helped write and produce some of the most iconic songs in Pop music, both for his pioneering disco band Chic and for superstar collaborators like Madonna, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Daft Punk and Beyoncé to name just a few. Through this partnership, Nile Rodgers is now bringing the full breadth of his immeasurable contributions to music to Apple Music fans across the globe which they can experience in immersive Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos®.

Dolby Atmos is an immersive audio experience transforming how music is created and enjoyed. Music in Dolby Atmos goes beyond the ordinary listening experience by immersing you in the song, revealing details with unparalleled clarity and depth. It gives artists more space and the freedom to fully realise their vision and unlock new levels of emotion in their music for their listeners to enjoy.

“What Apple is doing with Spatial Audio, is the gateway to the future,” Rodgers said. “Streaming, and the portability that comes with it, has completely changed the way we consume music and today everything we do is accompanied by a soundtrack of our favorite songs. That came with a sacrifice to audio quality but now with Spatial Audio you can have the convenience you want while getting a completely immersive audio experience. When I first put up my master tapes and listened back in Spatial I started to lament the fact that I didn’t have it back then. Like The Beatles in mono our creativity was limited by the technology of the time. The fact that I could have done more artistically would’ve been incredible to me and now thanks to Spatial Audio I can. This is a real gift for music lovers.”

To officially kick off the partnership, Nile Rodgers has worked with Apple Music on a new short video piece where he shares his process for re-mastering his iconic catalogue in Dolby Atmos and breaks down the creative intent, the technicality of the music, and the endless possibilities that Spatial has brought to his body of work.

Additionally, Nile Rodgers and Apple Music will host several live Spatial Audio playback sessions and educational events throughout the Summer, including a special evening in Los Angeles at the Dolby Screening Room Hollywood Vine as well as retail events at Apple Store locations in New York and London as part of the Today at Apple programming beginning in June 2023.

Nile Rodgers is no stranger to Apple Music. His long running, award winning Apple Music Radio show Deep Hidden Meaning invites the most important established and emerging songwriters to discuss the ideas and inspirations behind their work. With each episode digging deep into the stories behind the songs, Nile Rodgers’ candid discussions continue to give invaluable insight into how some of the most beloved songs were created. Just last month, Deep Hidden Meaning received the prestigious award for Best Music Special at the 2023 ARIAs Radio Academy Awards.


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