Hear Dutch artist ANUKA’s restful track ‘Blank Canvas’

The sadness that often comes with a break-up doesn’t have to define the way you view the person you’ve loved for such a long time. In my case, after almost seven years of being in a dedicated, loving and sometimes bumpy relationship with my ex-partner, I continued to feel an immense amount of appreciation for everything he is. Letting go of what we had built together was a very impactful decision, but one that brought us closer to ourselves. Only time will tell if a friendship is on the horizon, but whether or not it is, I wish for him to have the most loving, care-free and nurturing life experience possible. Starting with a Blank Canvas.

Inspired by a long relationship with an ex-partner, unlike many others, ANUKA is emotionally intelligent and mature. It’s been a while, two years to be precise since we’ve written about ANUKA on our website. We’re glad to see she’s back with a self-produced record and seemingly more control over her creative process. It’s a peaceful place to be.

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