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Baltimore-based rapper Antoine Bishop shares split visual for ‘9019/3D’


From the moment I heard his voice, I felt the Baltimore, Maryland-based rapper Antoine Bishop would become something larger-than-life and go further in his career than most new artists. Taking these moments in time to express himself as most artists do, the mellow-energy musician opens about how the absence of his father affected him, making plays of his own, and more. As the song progresses, Antoine Bishop says he is past needing a father-figure, but the pain remains. According to the artist, his father is serving an eight-year prison sentence. That’s heavy. Based on my experience, it wasn’t ever easy. No matter what role I played (a sister, girlfriend, fiancée and friend), each day away from my loved one numbed me more and more. If you like Curren$y, you may like Antoine Bishop. Check out his new split video for ‘9019/3D’ now.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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