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Review: Anne Dereaux’s EP, “Book of Lolita,” highlights heartbreak, struggles and achievement

Anne Dereaux, a singer-songwriter and Nashville native, has put together an EP that comes straight from the heart.

Anne Dereaux
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Book of Lolita is about overcoming heartbreak, the struggles of providing, and doing what one must do to survive. It’s comprised of six songs and has an alternative R&B, indie pop-like feel. “Rock Away” seems like the most cohesive piece. Technically speaking, it’s well arranged. “Rock Away” is the type of song that you’d hear on the radio or in a club; you can vibe out on your headphones with this one.

Although it starts off with a “broken” theme, Dereaux comes out victorious. In the end, she’s turned the tables and taken control, leaving her former lover to grovel. Additionally, her song brings smooth beats throughout and shows off Dereaux’s “toasting” skills (Dancehall style); giving it a Jamaican/Caribbean feel.

“Vocally, Book of Lolita is sandwiched between Beyoncé, Erykah Badu, and Rihanna. Influentially speaking, all make an appearance.”

“123” changes the tone of the EP, highlighting the struggles of surviving and what one might do to sustain and care for a baby and a lover back home;

“I’m just sweet enough to get you through the night, I got your money in my sheets; I’ll keep it right there till the morning when the sun’s out”.

Dereaux goes on to mention the anxiety over her actions with references towards God’s mercy. It’s quite a compelling song. Overall, this EP has a definitive flow. It starts off with a sense of heartbreak and brokenness, transitioning into pride, achievement, and arrival; her fight to win. It does seem as though some lines could be clearer. The annunciation could use some polishing. Nonetheless, Anne Dereaux is a talented artist with a growing fan base; she is one to look out for! Stream Book of Lolita below.


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