Toronto’s Andre Cahoun brings his ‘Short Term’ EP to life with 10-minute music video: Watch

Bringing his EP to life, Andre Cahoun shares the official video for ‘Short Term’. The video, lasting a bit over ten minutes, is a compilation of different scenes associated with one of the four tracks in this project. Each scene is simple, but effective in expressing the emotions the R&B singer is projecting. This compilation displays Andre Cahoun’s keen attention to details and highlights his creativity, as the video is self directed, edited and produced. Not to be overlooked, is his skilled performance both as a vocal presence on the record, and as the star of the video.

As for the EP, he further showcases his wide range of talent as he is responsible for the writing, production and recording of the music. As an overall talent he stands out, and this video highlights the multifaceted artist that is Andre Cahoun.

Written by Manny King John

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