Here’s what America’s Got Talent New York Audition was like

To think, the concept I came up with in my mother’s bedroom is now part of America’s Got Talent Season 13’s history is exciting.

We wouldn’t trade it for the world.



here’s a misconception about greatness. The average person, who is often clueless, thinks it is a flawless effort. Responsibly, I don’t place full blame on them. We, the people, who work tirelessly to make it seem like it is, do a grand job. It’s why we get what comes to us.

For the past fifteen-sixteen years, I’ve been working toward my dream. It doesn’t feel like it has been that long, but it has. When I started, there wasn’t a specific person to mimic. Just Google, printed issues of other publications, and a list of questions. Luckily, I understood how to manoeuvre the web, and what to ask my search engines. Around that time, “Ask Jeeves” was in human consciousness.

Sunday morning, my life changed forever. So has the lives of my team. To think, the concept I came up with in my mother’s bedroom is now part of America’s Got Talent Season 13’s history is exciting. What a reward. It is not to say that I ever doubted the levels to which my company would rise. I just knew that I couldn’t do it with a heavy load, or partners from the beginning. Individually, people are hard to coexist and agree with—for me to fortify my vision, I had to do it alone. Today, most non-familial relationships aren’t durable. For some reason, we tend to build on shaky foundations and coach ourselves to believe everything is okay.

But that is a topic for another day. I won’t get long-winded about what it takes to get to where we are as a brand. Perhaps, we can do that when we discuss relationships and why they fail. However, what I might share is how it feels to elevate as a professional. When I received an email about working with America’s Got Talent, I felt elated. Immediately, I reached out to my closest friends, who also work with me, and asked if they’d like to help out. Thankfully, they obliged. From that moment on, the mental preparation took over.

We arrived minutes of after 8. Fortunately, there were no problems at the door. There was a moderate police presence, and security was stern (as they should be). Next, our point-of-contact met us with press badges. Chase is his name. Personally, I thought he was great at communicating. We didn’t have any questions when he finished. In confidence, we set up in the holding room. As we waited for the others to arrive, we took pictures by the branded walls.

Over time, around noon, more people started to arrive. We met a lot of talented people. Dancers, singers, magicians, a stripping mime, and more—the skills were endless. We even saw Trump and Biggie impersonators. Young Michael Jackson imitators were there, too. Many people wore outfits with glitter and flashing lights. As cliché as it is, it caught our attention and piqued our interest. It worked well for the producers, too. It’s who they chose to shoot on the AGT dancefloor. We hope they make it to the final cut.

Outside of dealing with an unmannerly production team, it was a good experience. We wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.


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