Hear ‘Cheye Calvo’, a political song by Sacramento, California-native band American High

‘Cheye Calvo’, sonically, takes me to Oxnard, California, in the present day.

American High's 'Cheye Calvo' cover art
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

‘Cheye Calvo’, sonically, takes me to Oxnard, California, in the present day. Much like the record, the beach town has a classic surf vibe that capably makes a Northeastern feel like they are living out an editorial spread published by the now-defunct TransWorld SURF. Nonetheless, a controversial drug raid that happened at the namesake’s house is jarring. According to my research, the Prince George’s County, Maryland police didn’t have a search warrant, but the armed men entered his home, tied his family up, and shot his pet dogs. It’s a haunting situation.

When you have the time, I’d suggest you read about it if you don’t know about it already. Getting back to the songwriter and the musical composition, I enjoyed it. Nonetheless, toward the middle-to-the-end of the song, the vocals seem to go off-track but get back on the beat when the hook arrives. Other than that, it’s a Californian bop. Check out the new track by American High below. The band’s debut full-length, ‘Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement’, released on March 8.

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American High are a Punk and 60’s influenced Indie/Alternative Rock quartet from Sacramento, California. They play ‘catchy tunes with dark themes’. “Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement”, released March 8, 2017, is their debut full-length. Their sound and lyrics have an optimistic perspective on the personal, the social and the political.

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