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American Designer Spotlight: Evan Josloff (The New Standard Edition)

New Standard Edition editorial
Images: NaShish Photography

Evan Josloff, Founder of The New Standard Edition, is not your run of the mill fashion designer. This industry veteran has a penchant for style and wants to dress you in an uber cool way, so pay attention to what he believes will spark up your wardrobe. His welcoming, laid-back, hipster-meets-skate culture personality will make you forget he’s been around for some time and you’ll wonder how he defies time with his ageless style. However, it is Josloff’s youthful take on life that transcends into his knack for clothing, combined with his unique eye and take on personal style that allows him to reach a wide customer base. The plus is Josloff’s 20 or more years experience in the industry ensures clientele he knows the market and he’s a serious industry player.

The Grant Skinny Chino Map Print
The Grant Skinny Chino Map Print

During our initial meeting at the House of Horology he gushed about his “Joggers”, and how men’s fashion has changed so much. He’s looking forward to offering his updated fits to this more adventurous men’s market.


Honestly, Evan’s knowledge of the industry had me intrigued upon arrival, and before I knew it we tuned everyone out and had a lengthy conversation about men’s fashion, the industry, marketing and what tomorrow holds for those of us ready for something new. Our shared respect for quality men’s clothing ensured that we hit it off instantly.

Wayne Skinny Sag Selvage Denim in True Black
Wayne Skinny Sag Selvage Denim in True Black

If you are a fabric afficionado, as I am, you will enjoy the hand of his goods and admire the time spent on details, and I assure you none of the time was wasted idly. During the viewing of his samples, I was quite impressed with each piece. The prints were fine and crisp, and the textures defied even the sharpest of images — mostly noted when he introduced me to the “James Skinny Selvage Tiger Camo” a pant with which the tonal print was actually a jacquard stretch fabric. After our chat and the appraisal of his samples, I knew there was more than what met the eye.

Guaranteed to hit stores hard, The New Standard Edition is geared to style savvy male shoppers who like a sharp, yet comfortable fit with cool aesthetics and attention to detail. If this is you, we invite you to get to know the man behind the brand and see why his “effortless cool” is ready to be packaged and shipped to a store near you.

What influenced your venture into the fashion industry?

I’ve always had a very strong passion for style and I’m constantly looking for new ways to keep elevating my own game. I tell friends, (most of them much younger than me), you can walk around in a potato sack and you look fine, but I need more help. Seeing other brands out there and having an appreciation for what they stand for also inspires me everyday.

What is the origin of your brand name The New Standard Edition? What does it represent?

The New Standard Edition is really all about guys helping other guys elevate their own look. You have one piece and you build different looks around it and you’re able to reinvent yourself in a simple, effortless way. It’s about creating your own new standard.

Which part do you enjoy most? The process of creating or the finished product?

I enjoy the process, but I really enjoy watching someone take what we’ve created and building their look around it, how they interpret what we did. Some people love the fabric, some people love the print, some people love the fit or whatever it is – and watching how they interpret what makes sense with that look is the most rewarding.

Grant Skinny Marrakesh Print trouser
Grant Skinny Marrakesh Print Trouser

Who is your target market customer?

The target customer we’re looking at is 18-34. I dress young, but I’m older. This works even for a 40-year-old, because it’s the guy that really wants to look sharp but isn’t necessarily comfortable, because our products have some stretch it’s meant for every guy to feel more comfortable and looking better.

What makes The New Standard Edition different from other brands?

We’re very focused on fit, and on silhouette. Compared to all the brands that are established, I feel that we are smaller and nimble and are able to be more relevant with updated fits. When I look at fits from some of the bigger guys that inspire us, I say that’s great but it could actually be improved, so we’ve tweaked the fits that are out there and made them more current with what’s going on. I feel that in a fashion sense we are providing and delivering quality product, in terms of fabric and details and trying to deliver it at an accessible retail.

Jordan Cargo Jogger in Black
Jordan Cargo Jogger in Black

What have been some highlights or breakthroughs within the industry since you started?

Well, right now it’s an incredibly exciting time. Since I started, which was you know (over 20 years ago) this moment in time is the most focused I’ve seen the male consumer on fit, and how something looks on them. In prior years, it was just really about brands and they just didn’t understand or feel really as conscious about how an item looked on them. Now, men actually are scrutinizing how the style / fit looks on them, more than focusing on the brand name. Whether they know the brand or not, they’re saying “I look good in this” or “This is a good look for me.” and that makes this the most exciting time in men’s fashion. Bottom line is, the male consumer has a more sophisticated eye and therefore is more conscious of the fit, design and quality, period.

Would you say you are currently satisfied with where you are as a brand? If not, what needs to be done in order to take you to the next level?

I don’t know if I’ll ever be satisfied. I would like to have more exposure and definitely be in more doors but I think for where we are, I think it’s been decent. It’s controlled.

To aspiring designers who might be inspired by this feature, what sort of advice could you give them? Share advice you wish you had when you started.

It’s all about not holding back, and going for it. I strongly feel that I’ve been very hesitant and a bit intimidated without having a complete story, that I was not ready, but I feel that today you need to just get it out there. There are some people with one or two design ideas that are so strong that they literally could be a springboard, but they’re thinking “I don’t know what to do here”, “I don’t have this part of the business” or “I don’t have enough styles”. It’s like if you really have an eye, and you have a couple items that are hot build on them and get out there, because you’ll build momentum and it will start to work for you.

What is your favorite item / piece from the collection?

I really love the Wayne Skinny Sag Selvage Jeans overall. I love the fit. It’s the drop-crotch style that has a very drastic taper from the hip down to the leg opening. A lot of the products out there claim, we do a skinny or we do a straight and there’s not a lot of shape to it. I feel very strongly that we’re delivering more interesting fits in quality fabrics.

What are your thoughts on GrungeCake? Is there anything out there like it?

I think GrungeCake is so on point right now for what is happening. Also, GrungeCake’s genuine passion is so admirable, I think where the market is today whether it’s music, fashion, art or whatever it is exactly what is needed. I see it as a vehicle for all types of artists and smaller startup ventures to be discovered with genuine support. I think it’s incredible.

The New Standard Edition collection is available in stores now:

American Rag, Kitson, Atlas, The Archives, Nomads, Memes NYC, ID NewYork, Formal Education, Rule of Next, Blades NYC, and Jimmy Jazz.

For more about New Standard Edition, just click here.

Written by Manny King John

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