ALIX wishes you good riddance on ‘Good’ featuring NEZZA: Video Review

ALIX’s ‘Good’ is track four of of her album ‘Feel Better’, and not only does it have NEZZA on it, but it’s not a bitter track on lost love like typical R&B tunes. This see-you-never track is the perfect sensuous vibe a person going through a break up needs to hear. The singer goes into detail about her lover moving on, and wish them the best on their transition to their next relationship. Although she wishes they could’ve work things out, it’s best to rebuild herself and move on.

The video opens with a silent skit with NEZZA on a throwback rotary dial home phone telling the person on the other line “We can’t keep speaking like this. I’ve moved on. I hope you’re good. Goodbye.” This opening statement sets the tone for the video. The two are seen in multiple scenes doing laundry, taking photos on an old polaroid, and going for a walk.

In true ALIX fashion, she delivers a silky melody and gets straight to the point in the lyrics about the point of reassurance and walking away while topping it off with smooth electric instrumentals.

NEZZA’s vocals adds the soul and harmonizes beautifully with ALIX. And there is even a special message at the end of the video asking for donations for the Support Black Mental Health Fund and  other Gofundme campaigns that have not reached their goal. Now, that’s how you utilize your platform!

Check out the video below.

Written by Manny King John

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