Alice + Olivia’s Whimsical Summer of Splendor

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Alice + Olivia has a tenancy for all things whimsical, and designer Stacy Bendet manifests young, contemporary style with this seasoned brand time after time. A+O’s Resort 2014 collection is a debut in young sophisticated style. A sheer paneled maxi skirt layered with a tweed puff sleeve blazer benchmarked the transformation. Bendet’s inspiration of a young girl leaving school and spending the summer on an English countryside manor, while embarking on the adventure of womanhood. Staying true to the original aesthetic, an A-line shirtdress embroidered with lips captured, “the total whimsy and fun of my muse running down a grand flight of stairs,” Bendet said.



As young women begin to settle into their style, this comfort translates to the exterior. This collection displays a young lady, who wants to look tasteful, and sophisticated while emanating a youthful everyday appearance. It’s almost as if we’re watching a girl experiment, and materialize into womanhood from a knowledgeable fashionista’s closet. This girl uses the only red polish founded to manicure her nails and finds oversized accessories complementing.


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My my, how you blossomed into a such a lovely young lady

With each look emerged a doe eyed rosy-cheeked muse offset with sleek hair, chosen to open up the face of a becoming lady. The color pallet and makeup heavily played up the eyes, and reassured maturity while leaving bare, supple and delicate lips as an innocent reminder. This collection has a natural fun spirit making it instantly delightfully and pleasant with hints of assertiveness, direction and self assurance. Alice + Olivia’s pieces prove easy to manipulate, and lend well to a summer of relation, and exploration. Bendet’s flirty stamp on this “Passport to Resort” collection is for dedicated customers who are comfortable growing with the brand.




Stripes and polka dots are seemingly re-appearing in more collections. There is a slight modern touch that flawlessly appeals to day and evening wear. Tailored trousers are paired with crop tops once again and pointed tip shoes are paving the runways once again. I am a pure lover of calf-length skirts and, added pleats finish and improve this style. Everyday women can step out in palazzo flare pants and sweater knits, while the neutral color blocked pant suit would also be a wardrobe must-have. Lace scallop trimmings are always eye catching and elegant especially when not over done. I can also see circle mini-skirts and dresses in high demand, once again. Alice + Olivia impressed with this wonderfully matured collection.




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