Think deep with one of Santa Monica-native singer Alex Siegel’s latest releases, ‘Answer’

Feels wrong, even when I know it’s not

Alex Siegel croons longingly for answers and for peace on his latest 2020 offering, ‘Answer’. There is an almost mournful tone as he battles with feelings of loneliness, voices in his head, and a deep desire to be taken from where he’s at to where he’d rather be instead.

When I’m in my head, it’s taking all my time

‘Answer’, as a slow jam, seems to quietly address the effects of anxiety and depression. Siegel’s voice softly lilts over the drums as he looks for answers from someone—a friend, a lover, whomever— who doesn’t have any. If you want to hop in your contemplative bag or need a beautifully calm track to sit and think to, ‘Answer’ is the one. Stream it below.


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