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ALA.NI’s “You & I” (Reviewed)

ALA.NI puts together a tapestry of woven words that will be considered a classic in years to come.



lue smoke and jazzy notes are what you would call ALA.NI’s “You & I” album. It throws you to when juke joints and speakeasies, and Dapper Dan and New York City’s Cotton Club, were a thing. Also, it feels like sipping mint julep sweet tea on your Southern grandmother’s porch, who lives deep in the bayous of New Orleans, as you look into a starry midnight sky, contemplating life. ALA.NI’s voice is clear, soft and inviting, like the perfect first kiss.

ALA.NI’s voice is pronounced and leaves no room to question her place of origin. There is no tell tale sign that she is of English descent. “You & I” consists of 12 tracks, with its first being “Cherry Blossom,” which is serene and sexy making you want to rewind it several times. It draws you in so much that you begin to hug yourself and sway from side to side as if you were in the warm embrace of a lover. It is then followed by “Woo Woo,” an interlude of sultry deep breaths to get you to the next track titled, “Old Fashioned Kiss,” that tells you all about the art of seduction with just your lips.

“Come To Me,” “Suddenly,” “One Heart,” “Roses & Wine,” “Planet To Your Sun,” and “Darkness At Noon” are songs seemly dedicated to lovers invested in a long term relationship. A relationship where love has been tested, stretched and glued back together. All in the hopes of resurrecting true companionship. “I’ll Remember” and “To the River” was as if you were mourning the passing of a beloved sweetheart, and then coming to terms with their demise. “Circle” closes out the album with a simple how-to guide, inspiring you to enjoy life through each season of your existence.


“So face it, take a stand, hold your future in your hand,” ALA.NI says.

The album “You & I” is sure to captivate listeners from beginning to end. ALA.NI puts together a tapestry of woven words that will be considered a classic in years to come.

Words by #OhhSoValid



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