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Singer Agina shares sensual visuals for her soulful track, ‘Best of Me’

Agina sticks to her R&B roots for her latest track, ‘Best of Me’.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Agina's cover art for 'Best of Me'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Unfortunately, some say that the R&B genre is slowly dying; well singer Agina surely proves that statement false. Her latest track ‘Best of Me’, blends sensual modern-day Toni Braxton-inspired vocals with a soft smooth beat. The visuals show Agina dancing in a desert, with two backup dancers, who add a nice touch of sexiness to the track. Hopefully, Agina will continue to stick to an R&B vibe in her future releases; GRUNGECAKE is definitely here for it. Watch ‘Best of Me’ below.


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