Review: Agency, a mysterious singer, releases an album with an array of influences

Agency’s entire album is what you didn’t know you needed.


Covering an array of genres on his well-executed album released in February, Agency, the mysterious singer-songwriter shares “Philosophies”. It’s an album about emotional responsibility, relationships, and more, borrowing from Pop, Hip-Hop, and Funk sensibilities using drums and other instruments prone to make you dance. That’s good, but there are more elements to an album than its backing tracks.

As far as the songwriting, there are some memorable lines. Nothing topped the line about how many licks it takes. I’d like to hear the singer push his voice to the max more. I know he is capable of what I’ve implied because he does it on “Spooky”, sparingly when he sings the words ‘spooky baby’. There isn’t much information about him out there, so I am unsure if he produces his music, too. Nonetheless, his sound selection of the thirteen tracks fit him well.

Stream “Philosophies” below. My favourite tracks to listen to are “Joyride”, “I Can’t Think of Anything But You”, and “Damn 2”.

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