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Afro B shares official video for ‘Shisha’ featuring Niniola and Busiswa: Watch

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

The figurehead of the new Afrowave, Afro B, has released the long-awaited
‘Shisha’ official music video—featuring South Africa’s Busiswa and Nigeria’s Niniola. The visuals live up to the vibe set by the song. Not only is it perfect for enjoying as a backdrop in a lounge, but it also makes for a club banger. Danceable. Certainly groovy!

The ‘Shisha’ music video is set in three key locations: England, Afro B’s home, South Africa, Busiswa’s homeland, and Nigeria, Niniola’s homeland. The music video takes us through these African music hotspots, presenting an array of dance moves linked to each of these countries. In addition, Afro B continues to create culturally significant art, bringing together different sounds, cultures, and people. Watch ‘Shisha’ below.

Written by Mufaro "Forbes" Mujuru

I am passionate about African music, the business, and expanding markets behind it. I write bits about it on GRUNGECAKE. I am also the founder of Big Soko Music Group Ltd and the head behind Commune Curate.

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