Reminiscent of Drake’s flow, Absofacto delivers vivacious record ‘Lemon Drop’: Watch the video

‘Lemon Drop’ is a follow-up to Absofacto’s mega-hit, ‘Dissolve’, which sits at the number-one spot on Billboard’s ‘Alternative Songs’ chart and Alternative Radio.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Many years ago, Absofacto released an album called, ‘Sinking Islands’. It was 2011, nearly a decade ago. The times were different than they are now, in regards to how we consume music and where he was creatively, but the music resonated with me, so I wrote about it on a now-defunct version of my website. This month, he’s back with the B-Side to ‘Python’, an uptempo song called, ‘Lemon Drop’. It’s a love song about a monogamous relationship and missing the love of your life. Watch the video below.

Mercury Lounge will have the pleasure of hosting the singer on June 22 in New York City. I hope I’m around so I can support him.

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