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Aaron Rodgers is the greatest QB in Packers history, surpassing Brett Favre for most passing touchdowns in franchise history

Photo: ClutchPoints
Photo: ClutchPoints

Brett Favre retired twice in his career, once in 2010 with the Packers and again in 2011 with the Vikings, but regardless, he left the game of football as the greatest Packers quarterback ever, and it was inconceivable to think that anyone would be better anytime soon. But his immediate replacement, Aaron Rodgers, did just that.

To question if Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in franchise history would be just futile at this point. Rodgers surpassed Brett Favre for the most passing touchdowns in franchise history on Sunday with his 443rd TD pass to Allen Lazard. More impressively, Rodgers was also able to eclipse Brett Favre’s touchdown record with less than half of Favre’s career interceptions. Favre and Rodgers are both Superbowl champions and have won league MVP 3 times in their careers, but Favre has thrown 336 career interceptions versus Rodgers 93, and that is ultimately the difference between the two greats.

On Fox’s broadcast, they showed a taped message from Favre to Rodgers that was played on the Lambeau Field video board. “Congratulations, Aaron, on passing my touchdown record, now I have one request: Go get us another Super Bowl,” Favre said.

Aaron Rodgers greatness has never been questioned as he is probably on his way to winning his 4th MVP after this season ends and is a shoo-in first-ballot Hall Of Famer when all is said and done. The question that remains for Rodgers legacy is will he win more than one Superbowl?

Written by Manny King John

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