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Aaron Cohen goes Superlow on a Caleb Stone production

Aaron Cohen, not to be confused with the CEO of Soundwall or the Israeli-American writer-slash-counterterrorist, surprised me with a gem once again. Very heavy and moody, ‘Superlow,’ the Caleb Stone-produced track fits perfectly with Aaron’s laid back, mysterious cadence. Reflecting on his new life in the City of Angels, and the departure of a so-called normal life in his hometown of Seattle, he describes why he must lay super low.

My personal favorite lyric is: “If I need to be loved I would have hung myself with my Gucci belt,” which is dark, yet touching. Also, “Where it never slows down and zombies never slow down,” among many other vivid lines and wordplay resonate with me. Be on the lookout for more Cohen’s next project set to release in late March. I can’t wait. Until then, light one up, turn up the volume, press play, and enter the brilliant mind of Aaron Cohen.

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