Listen to the charged up 83HADES record ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ featuring Kamiyada

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

This is the modern anthem of rage and angst. I don’t know what pissed off 83HADES, but I am sure this guy is ready to rip someone’s head off! Kamiyada jumps into the track, first with his normal fast-paced/high energy delivery. This is what we love and expect from a Kamiyada verse. 83HADES takes the second half of the song and adds angst, making me want to be an angry seventeen-year-old again. Imagine that you just got home from a long day of high school, after failing a math exam, you go to your fridge just to realize that your brother drank the last Mountain Dew Code Red, and you told him not to drink it. Your teenage mind tells you that you have to go to his room to beat his ass. He’s not there, but sitting next to his bed is the empty Mountain Dew Code Red bottle, and as you walk over to grab the bottle… You stub your small toe on his bed frame, punch the wall, and scream at the top of your lungs. ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ gives me the energy that one might feel in that split second between stubbing your toe and punching the wall. All that rage and angst of a teenage boy comes out in this one. Take a listen, get ready to punch your fucking wall and beat your brother’s ass over Mountain Dew Code Red with ‘Do Not Resuscitate’.

Written by Manny King John

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