#5NewVideos To Get You Through The Week

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of Chino McGregor & Stephen McGregor, NxWorries, ABRA, and more.

Chino McGregor & Stephen McGregor “Zero Tolerance”

They say the child shall lead the way. Standing on the shoulders of the legendary, Freddie McGregor, Chino and Stephen pick up where their father leaves off not only musically but also spiritually. Real music transcends your body. It forces you to feel, to cope or act. If this is what the future looks like, then it’s bright yuh fuck. With a new change in government regime in a politically stagnant Jamaica, it couldn’t have come at a better time. The looming threat of Trump has us, too, slow bopping to lyrics like, “In the 21st Century, man have to move stealthily, poor a get poorer while the rich a get wealthy.” The McGregor brothers understand that music begat message to forge action.

NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) “Link Up”

Dubbed Outkast 2.0 by some, NxWorries has christened my first stroll of spring. Imagine feeling that crisp breath of air on a new outfit. As somebody who hates feel good songs, this is not that. This stone cold groove is lush with bass and rasp. The production ushers you in the various crescendos of chill. Did NxWorries hop in the DeLorean and pickpocket some funk? It’s the type of cool that lives only in memory. Isley Cool. The dominoes, 40s and fros this video reeks of a fluid summer night.

Archibald SLIM “One Of Them Days”

Choosing the opposite rings true. Hungover and groggy, we feel the pain of the next day. Archibald SLIM takes us through the emotions of a bad day. Pick a vice! Tequila? Xannies? Kush? He has a bar for each one. It feels like one of those deep album cuts that deserved a video. Yes to pure mood music to coat my gloomy days.

ABRA “Fruit”

Director, JMP, plays up this idea of temptation in the appropriately titled, “Fruit.” We see ABRA kicking it in an excellent Miami condo. The production is bright and her vocals meld right into this sweet spot of the beat. She gives off an air similar to FKA twigs but with some much needed bass.

Rocky Banks “A Lot”

As a super indulgent person, trying to forgo my habits, rap to me. The haunting ills of desire always seem to pin me down. “Leaving my T-shirt on top of the roof, hoping the smell don’t get caught by my mama.” Bars like this take me back to my days of sneaking around and chilling in Brookville Park. There is nothing more dulling than pretending not to be high. Unlike most drug songs, the closing verse does a good job of being honest without sounding preachy.


Written by Manny King John


Song of the Day: “Call Log” by Jace (Two-9)

Tunji Ige

Song of the Day: “War” by Tunji Ige