#5NewVideos To Get You Through The Week: 5

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of PARTYNEXTDOOR, Mont Jake, Parson James, and more.

Azekel “Linger” (Personal)

Director Shaun James Grant put together a very crafty visual for Azekel’s “Linger” record. It starts off, slowly, with a nude woman barely moving on the floor. Then, there are detailed close-ups of her skin that make you feel like you are in the room with her. As the song progresses, she moves more and more to match the rhythm of the beat. Artistic is the best way to describe this video.

PARTYNEXTDOOR “Come and See Me” (Personal)

Drake didn’t appear in this video nor did his verse. Fortunately, other celebrities supported and made cameos. Jhene Aiko and Big Sean sit on the sofa among other partygoers are PARTYNEXTDOOR enjoys a drink at the bar. Unsettled with a woman in his company, he goes to meet his co-star Kylie Jenner. If he arrived later, he would have stood her up. Outside in the rain, the two share a kiss and the video ends. — Richardine Bartee

Mont Jake “This Goes On” (Personal)

This visual has a very mysterious vibe to it. From the start, it is interesting. What appears to be two people with the same face — not twins — are in a snowy pasture. Walking until they can’t anymore, they hitchhike to reach their destination. On their path, almost everyone they encounter gives them strange looks. It made me think something foul was going to happen. The ending caught me off guard. The ending caught me off guard. When watching “This Goes On” by Mont Jake, see if you can guess the ending because I sure couldn’t.

Shakka “You Don’t Know What You Do To Me” featuring Chip (Personal)

Chip and Shakka work well together. Their differences make this collaboration work. At the beginning of the video, Shakka is alone and underwater. Then, suddenly, he is in a room with a masked but seemingly friendly individual. They dance together until she reveals herself.

Parson James “Temple” (Submitted)

The visuals for “Temple” fit the song perfectly. When listening you can feel a hint of Gospel; so it was only right to shoot most of the scenes in a church. Parson James is extremely talented so making great videos can only help build his movement. This is one of those videos you can really appreciate because of its originality. Check out the Olivia Malone-direction below. Fun facts: The church is the same church used in Kill Bill. All cast members are from the LGBT community.


Written by Manny King John


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