#5NewVideos To Get You Through The Week: 3

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of WestSideGunn, Jorja Smith, KAYTRANADA, and more.

WestSideGunn “Mr. T”

Buffalo’s poster boy WestSideGunn flows on the Apollo Brown-produced “Mr. T,” and delivers some raw, refreshing bars on the lead single from his debut album “Flygod.” The video gives us a taste of life in the “Lo,” and while “Mr T” paints pictures with its words, One Dream sketched and enhanced the vibe of the project. Shots of Buffalo’s finest institutions and artists evoked an “around the way” vibe.

Jorja Smith “Blue Lights”

Conscious, melodic and soulful, “Bluelights” take us on a contemplative journey. It’s always mind-blowing to see the diasporic struggle; how can we all be mistreated across the globe? #BlackLivesMatter is symptomatic of a global issue. Jorja Smith gives us, The tale of 3 perspectives: “A boxer, How can a young black male run away from the stereotypical stigma and hatred towards police if it is on every screen or paper they see? The boxer is quite literally being beaten up by society’s perceptions. This man is fighting with himself and the perception that society and authority have given to him. The video’s narrative is just one example of the negative stereotypes many people suffer each and every day.” I look forward to hearing more of what Jorja has to say as she develops.

Kaytranada “Glowed Up” featuring Anderson .Paak

Anything Anderson .Paak does makes its way into my writing — by hook or crook. As a huge stan, I’m more than delighted that Kaytranada recruited him for “Glowed Up.” This smooth, everyday people feeling beat accompanied with the rasp of Anderson.Paak’s voice makes it bright and free flowing. Kindly, add this to your morning playlist. Smashing lamps, vintage TVs and Vans depict the grunge chic of “Glowed Up.”

Pryzmid “What’s Good w/ Ur Armpit”

It’s like we’re living in our own golden age. I remember overhearing conversations of people daydreaming about being 20 in the early 90’s; we’re fine where we are at with groups like Ubiquitous Love Tribe. This grassroots rap is reminiscent of Native Tongues. Our generation is in our own wave, and we need to enjoy this. The 2nd song featured is “What’s Good w/ Ur Armpit?”

Nao “In the Morning”

Too often R&B resides in these black and white spaces. Nao does a fantastic job playing in these grey areas of intimacy. “Bad Blood” is full of sultry synths moving between these moments of adoration and devotion. Striking visuals in black and white establishes this compelling premise for such a spellbinding song.


Written by Manny King John

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