#5NewVideos To Get You Through The Week: 2

This week’s #5NewVideos list consists of T-Pain, Tiara Thomas, Jay Luse, and more.

T-Pain “Hundred Mo Dollas”

“Hundred Mo Dollas” is quintessential T-Pain. There is this loyalty that I have to him. If I see a song link, I always feel compelled to press play. Today, that optimism finally paid off accompanied with a banging video. Stylistically shot by T-Pain himself, the visuals contain texture, colors and playful effects. I wish him the Song of the Summer on this one.

Tiara Thomas “My Ways”

Tiara Thomas is giving us that carefree Tumblr R&B. Yasss! Please, and thank you. Faded honesty with splashy effects is the perfect score for a Spring day. If this is the lane that Tiara is going to dominate, I’m all for it. The video is vibrant and youthful. The minimalistic feel gave Tiara the proper platform to connect with us.

Joell Ortiz “Last Man Standing

Rusted metal, chains, grit complement the hard lyrics rolling off of the tongue of Joell Ortiz. Rustic rap at its finest. Bars are burrowing in the beat give me that nostalgic air of New York when Wendy (Williams) was the Queen of Hot 97.

Jay Luse “What You Like”

This was the work with the words. You know that feeling of discovering your new favorite artists? Well, this was it. The flow was impeccable, the delivery packed with feeling and the words were flushed full of intention. Director, Jeremy Biggers, honored the song by shifting from medium shots and close-ups keeping us fully engaged.

Ethereal “Crush 2K16”

What I’m most impressed by is the interpolation of “Crush 2K16.” It’s an easy song to fuck up; this is the classic you don’t want anybody to touch. Everyone instantly bops their head wanting to hear Cease and Kim. Being super strategic, they kept the Brooklyn flow intact but infused with some trap energy. Staying true to themselves allowed all three to shine on such a velvety beat. Shot at the Atlanta Fair, Mike Ellwood, took full advantage of the vivid lights and the natural movement that takes place at a carnival.


Written by Manny King John

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