5 Songs To Listen To On Halloween

Okay, so it’s that time again when everybody breaks their diet and indulge themselves in fun size pieces of candy, try their best to dress up as their favorite celebrity and parties that will have a playlist with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as the first song on the playlist. Aren’t you tired of that? Listening to “Thriller” three thousand times and seeing everyone doing the dance to every song that is not “Thriller”. It’s time for some new Halloween songs and these five songs should help your Halloween be that breathe of fresh air, instead of a played-out everyday routine.

Let’s start with something abstract and out of the ordinary. How about some Jazzy, Electronic and 8-bit-esque sounds of Flying Lotus? Recently, FlyLo released his album You’re Dead! and sounds pretty good. On this album, there’s one song that definitely captures the artistic direction of the project. “Dead Man’s Tetris” is that song. The features on this song includes FlyLo’s rapping alter-ego Captain Murphy and Snoop Dogg. People are probably thinking, “What makes this song Halloween-ish?” To answer that question, the song sounds scary and funky at the same time. Throughout the song, listeners can hear an evil and maniacal laugh as Snoop and Lotus go all out on their verses. This song could fit perfectly if a mummy were to perform a dance routine right in front of you. It sounds dark and definitely has that Halloween feel to it.

Song number two: Staying with the abstract and dark sounding theme, another song to add to this list comes from Sir Michael Rocks. Rocks’ song “Playstation 1.5” from his Banco album definitely fits the dark sounding criteria. Don’t focus on the lyrics on this because it’s all random and Rocks sounds like he’s rapping as if he’s been possessed by an evil spirit. Doesn’t that sound scary and Halloween-ish? It should. Remember the movie, Cujo? The movie with the rabid dog going around killing everybody? Well, the song starts off with dogs barking, and that’s pretty weird. Then to have those dogs barking over some dark computerized sounds makes it weird but it gets quite mesmerizing once Mikey raps his first few bars.

On to song number three: Some Rock should, it’s only right. Rock ‘n Roll and Halloween is like peanut butter and jelly. They go hand and hand in perfect harmony. Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mr. Crowley” fits perfectly for this list. Just from the beginning of this song, oozes and shows how creepy this songs sounds. To have the organ to mesh and blend perfectly with the guitar rips shortly after definitely shows the true making a Halloween song. For Ozzy to sing about this mysterious and creepy guy that we don’t know about adds on to the greatness of this song.

Song number four might be coming from left field but some good ol’ P-Funk should fit on this list pretty well. This definitely slipped my mind but a friend suggested this and you can’t argue that it doesn’t. Any version of “Mothership Connection” by George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic just makes want to throw on your platform shoes and dance your behind off at a Halloween party. That’s a perfect Halloween outfit there, a person from the seventies. Also George Clinton was the original martian before Lil’ Wayne called himself one but that doesn’t mean much.This song it’s psychedelic and groovy, those elements definitely can set the mood for Halloween party-goers.

Last song for this list, might feel out of place but this song has that “out of body experience” feel to it. It’s another Rock song and plenty will appreciate this tune. “Enter Sandman” by Metallica is the song to close out this list. The simple guitar melody increasing into an epic song as the song develops. Listening to this song is sure to give anybody a pure rush of adrenaline while causing havoc into the night. If a song can energize you from within, forget the candy. Just throw this on repeat and the night shall last.

Written by Ryan White

A true Hip-Hop head at heart trying to find his voice through writing. Straight to the point, honest and laid back. Extremely creative and abstract with his pieces, Ryan keeps it simple and that's has always been his motto.

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