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5 Reasons Why Being An Independent Artist Isn’t Easy

[highlight background=”#00e7b4″ color=”#ffffff”]From The Editor: Time after time, tens of thousands of talented individuals take on tiresome and tumultuous journeys, all in hopes of signing a major record deal to become a household name. The reality is: Some people make it; most don’t. In search of insight, we’ve enlisted Fernando Moore — [/highlight]artistically known as Nando McFlyy [highlight background=”#00e7b4″ color=”#ffffff”]— to share five reasons, based on his experience, why being an independent artist isn’t easy. This is all in hopes of, supplying our aspiring [musician] readership with advice by someone’s who has been there, done that. We hope this helps.[/highlight]

1. Support, Or The Lack There Of

When you decide to make the transition of leaving your full-time job and pursuing music as a source of income, it can put a strain on things. If you’re in a relationship, prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of your significant other not being able to understand the business, and what comes with it. Groupies come at all levels of the game and strangers from all walks of life will tell you that they can help you, so they can feel like they are apart of your cause but won’t do any work. They’ll leave [you] as soon as things start to slow up, so don’t get upset. These people are seasonal, and there will always be more people like them, trying to leach off of your cause.

2. A Team

There is no “I” in team: A team is not a easy thing to come by… Nor is being a team leader. But beware, when you decide to take someone else’s career as serious as you take yours. It can create tension with your friends. (Because that’s who gets first dibs anyways, right?) You need someone to help you promote your new single as well as keep track of all your social media accounts for your music, if you’re too busy. This includes Graphic Designers, Producers, etc. Everything I’ve seen that was successful was all in house. Start to build a team but don’t go out looking for people to help you because you’re desparate because you’ll cross paths with alot of opportunists.

3. Mental Roadblocks / Getting Burned Out

We all come across writer’s block, but to me, a mental roadblock is worse. I’m just breaking out of a rut that I was in for 2 years due to a mixture of personal and business, or business and pleasure. I’m just being honest.


I’m good now but protect your creativity at all costs! That includes the people you choose to have around. Having positive energy around you is very important. I’ve seen alot of people let their surroundings cause them to slow down, and sometimes they even completely stopped making music.

4. Networking

You are going to have to introduce yourself to alot of people in order to get noticed by the right people, so make sure that you are always cordial and polite. In other words, don’t slide in someone’s DM’s saying a bunch of wild stuff. I usually network by introducing myself, and sparking a conversation. It’s not always about business. You’d be surprised to know how much people in the music industry, hate talking about music.

5. Money

This is what can give you more freedom to do what it is that you want to do. Promotion for shows, projects, merchandise, etc. You have to invest into something that will go towards your brand, and continue to flip.

Words by Fernando Moore

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Written by Manny King John

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