5 new mobile apps to try


Rapchat’s interface is so simple to use even my mom could record a freestyle. I believe the simplicity of this app is what makes it so much fun to use because it takes all the complications out of making music. This app supplies you with everything you need to start your rap career from free beats, a rap name, to ways to share your music with friends. The “Discover” feature is probably the best part of the app because you can hear songs from other Rapchat users, and usually, they are hilarious. Of course, this isn’t for making music on a major scale, but it’s great to play with in your spare time.


Zolt can be summarized as “More information in less time.” This app condenses relevant articles into 60 words and saves the reader valuable time! To me, saving time is crucial because we don’t know how much we have left. So if you are a busy person that likes to know what’s going on in the world, Zolt is the app for you. Get this app today so you can start saving more time.


If you’re striving for success, it is crucial to stay away from distractions. Although we may not like to admit it, our cell phones are usually one of the things holding us back. The developers of “Flipd” were very smart to create an app designed to keep you off of your smartphone so you can increase your productivity. The “Casual Lock” and “Full Lock” options do exactly what they say, and are very useful if you have the habit of checking your phone every two seconds. Overall, this app is super helpful for people who need to focus in on their work at certain points of the day. I’m not sure why this app only has a three-star rating because [to me] it is worth all five stars.


Crazy stories are more enjoyable when you’re not involved, and if you’re into horror stories or anything like that, Hooked is the app for you. Building suspense must have been one of the developers’ main focuses. Having to repeatedly click “Next” to bring up the messages in the chat, puts the user in the middle of the story without them being there. Linking your Facebook to this app allows you to use more features like sharing your favourite stories with your friends or even writing a story. Check out Hooked whenever you’re in the mood for a good read.


If you have Reddit installed on your phone, you are never truly out of the loop. This app keeps the latest in News and Entertainment right in front of your face. There are much more categories to explore with, but those two are my favourite to read. After you create an account, you can submit news posts, as well as send links to your friends. Knowing what’s happening in the world around you is critical so downloading this app should be on the top of your “To-Do List.”

Written by Manny King John


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