3 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Miguel’s 3-Track EP

Beware of the guitars. They’ll wet your pants.

Have you listened to the sultry and talented Miguel’s new surprise EP yet? Upon the first listen, you’ll hear a nasty, sexy, and beauteous verse from Kurupt, a legendary Westcoast rapper who is closely connected to Snoop Dogg. “nwa” even gets a Portuguese fadeaway because it’s that special. That sentence was specifically crafted for the young audience reading my words. The following tracks “hollywooddreams” and “coffee” are classic Miguel. They are warm, sensual and good enough to play over and over without measure. Overall, sonically this surprise digital release is funky and reminiscent of a Curtis Mayfield album, in newer times. See: Pharrell.

Everything about this sounds so right. I’m personally anticipating this album.

He’s a little slick bastard. You’re not low.

Attitude, swag
Not too much, not too little. Just the way I like it.

Stream each song below and download them via the artist’s website via this link.

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