2017: 17 things I want to experience this year

17 things…

17 Things

Balls of emotions affect me on a regular daily basis. Sometimes, we receive great news. Other times, the nos fuel the passion fire. In December, I lost one of my best friends. His name was Alex Ghassan. He perished in the Oakland Fire. I know my life (and the lives of many others) will never be the same. As much as it hurts, life goes on. I know everyone deals with losses differently. But I found power in staying busy. I’ve been writing in a diary, making time for love, and elevating. Since I’ve been making lists of things to do, things to try, and coordinating the professional lives of others. All of which that makes me happy.

Here’s a personal list of 17 ‘fun’ things I want to experience this year.


17. Drink more wine and champagne:

According to an article that I read online, champagne is good for you. Listen, I’m not a hard liquor consumer but I will down a glass of wine or champagne before lunchtime. (Trust me, I did it on Thursday morning. Ask Shaniqua and Liza.)

16. Try and buy new shades of lipstick:

Before the turn of the new year, I went to the MAC Cosmetics store in the heart of Times Square. That night I started working a show on Sirius XM called, “Weekend Work” hosted by Coach PR and DJ Caesar, I wore Antique Velvet. This year, I want to try “Young Attitude” and “Topped With Brandy.” Unfortunately, Caitlin Jenner’s line doesn’t move me.

15. Watch more movies:

Not too long ago, I went to dinner and movie with my friend Germany in Queens. We went to see “Fences.” It was a good storyline. However, I wasn’t thrilled. I felt like I knew every character in the film, and honestly, I am tired of those types of people. Just all-around exhausting. (I am laughing right now, but I am serious.) If you’re reading this and you have any recommendations, send them my way. I enjoy watching romantic comedies, horrors, art films, documentaries, thrillers, and educational movies. “Knucklehead” is an independent movie that I enjoyed a lot. You should check out my review of the film. It sheds light on what mental health looks like in an inner-city African-American household.

14. Try and buy the new Clinique x Crayola Chubby Sticks:

This has nothing to do with makeup, and everything to do with nostalgia. I was an art student, from grade school until college. A variety of hues and childhood brands go a long way with me, sort of like Lisa Frank stationery and Staedtler pencils. It would serve as a collector’s item for me. I doubt I would use it. (PS: Lisa Frank has a new graphic clothing line. I might get tacky-cute in 2017.)

13. There’s a ‘pore vacuum:’

Listen, I am so old that I can remember the debut of pore strips. No matter what age you are, huge pores are annoying. Blackheads are the equivalent, so if there is a way to get rid of them, why not make the $30 investment? Hell, that’s what I’m thinking. Let’s zap these blackheads away with a face vacuum in 2017. I learned about this item on this website. Curse them out if it doesn’t work. I haven’t used it yet.

12. Write personal essays and entries more often:

Writing is my profession, and it is my therapy. Fortunately, my comfort is at my fingertips. My readers seem to enjoy when I include my life into my writing. They learn more about me, and what I do so I want to share more about my lifestyle, and maybe the lifestyles of others. At the moment, I use Bear, Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Ommwriter and the Notes app on the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac OS. Use of each tool depends on where I am, and what I am in the mood to write or record.

11. Do the city of New York like a tourist:

I thought I would experience the city like a tourist on my thirtieth birthday. It didn’t happen. Instead, my closest friends joined me at a luxury hotel somewhere in Manhattan. It wasn’t long before my friends were asked to leave (due to noise complaints) but I will never forget it. I wish I dated the man I am dating now. It would have been a better night, a better time, a better love. Next time, I’ll host it at my place–where no one will have to leave for being excited at a birthday gathering. (Yes, the hotel was fully aware.) I think I’ll take a helicopter ride this year. I want my boyfriend to join me. I couldn’t ask him, though. Acrophobia is the reason.

10. Travel to an unknown place for vacation:

Last year I booked flights to Los Angeles, Aruba, and Jamaica. I didn’t enter Jamaica. I slept in airport jail for crying out loud. I deserve to get lost for two weeks and explore. Maybe I will go to Madagascar, Paros (Greece), Tamuda Bay (Morocco), or Málaga (Spain). All dreamy locations are in this article by Leisure + Travel’s staff.

9. Celebrate my tenth year in business as the owner of GrungeCake:

Next month will mark the tenth year anniversary of my magazine launch party. From interviewing people like Vashtie for my print version to interviewing Yuna for the digital version, it has been a ride. I am so glad that I stuck to my vision–like everything else in my life. If I decide to have a celebration for the public, you will be the initial group of people to know. Otherwise, congratulations are in order!

8. Buy new footwear:

I want to take the plunge. I have my eye on a few pairs. But before I get into my outdoor lineup, I wish Stompeez had a pair in my size. Personally, I would get the Tsum Tsum pair. In hopes of reviewing for Christmas time, the company mailed two pairs to me (Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse). I wasn’t ready, though. I was mentally and emotionally elsewhere. I’m not sure how long they would last. But they seemed to be sturdy. The engineering is simple. I’ll mention 6-7 pairs of shoes that I want before the year ends. With my luck, either my size will be sold out (as usual). Even worse, or I will have to put faith in a reselling stranger based out in Ukraine or Serbia. (I’d rather not.)

(1) Dr. Martens White 1460 Mono Boots

(2) YEEZY Season 3 Orange Military Boots

(3) Marni Black Velcro Platform Boots

(4) Stella McCartney Copper Platform Star Elyse Sandals

(5) Gucci Gold Peggy Platform Sneakers

(6) MM6 Maison Margiela White Mock Reptile Platform Sandals

(7) Pierre Hardy White Trapper Ankle Boots

7. Buy and try a cotton candy pink or a bright magenta hair dye for the tips of my hair:

If you have known me long enough (since junior high school,) I’ve always dyed my hair. Some things change. I don’t. (Next!)

6. Learn how to (properly) play pool, to bowl, or to swim:

We’re not even going to go into the embarrassing details here. Let’s just say people who say they know how to do something (and are liars) have tried to teach me. I will get at least one of these things right this year. I should add driving to this list because my boyfriend has a car with my name on it.

5. More cooking and more date nights with my boyfriend:

I love to cook. It’s a form of entertainment for me. The more, the better. Ask around. My breakfast food is no joke. I made breakfast for 12-15 people once. (None of them are dead.) At the time, everyone smiled. (Not so much anymore.)

4. More movement, in the name of organized exercise:

When I was in grade school, I attended a dance class. It was an African dance class. I think I want to attend an African dance class. If not that, I would like to try another form of aerobics.

3. Take more “me time”:

I figure I can achieve this by minimizing my accessibilty to the general public. (We’ll see how long this lasts.)

2. Visit a rainforest:

As much as I cannot stand insects, the idea doesn’t make much sense. But it doesn’t matter because I want the experience. Perhaps, I will go to Queensland or the Central African rainforest. Maybe I’ll run into the Mbuti pygmies.

1. Spend more time with my mother:

This is self-explanatory.



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