Premiere: British duo Rebel ACA & The French Monkey Wrench share ’12 Steps’

’12 Steps’ is a Londoner’s perspective on how one should carry on in life.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist
12 Steps
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

As you will listen to the lyrics, you will find that it mirrors everyday life. At times, it is confusing and hypocritical. For a dose of reality, listen to the latest track by the British artists now exclusively on GRUNGECAKE. It is from Rebel ACA & The French Monkey Wrench’s massive catalogue. For an in-depth quote about the track, scroll past the player below.

“The 12 steps ‘of your life’, you grow up, which you follow blindly you try to get a career. You try to get a woman. you complain and are disappointed about all of these things. None of them living up your expectation because the grass is always greener over there, so you get frustrated and upset and get high and run away with drugs and booze. And in this process, you disrespect and damage where you live, yourself, your body, your life. Lost, angry and addicted with a bad liver and a bad heart and a victim to your own existence. Morale of the story. Sometimes, maybe, the grass is greener—and sometimes you should try to [do] something about it. But all of the time, make the very best of what you have and where you are.”

Written by Manny King John

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