#10NewRecords To Get You Through The Week

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Dom Kennedy​, K CAMP​, Alison Wonderland​, Konshens and more.

Tyler, the Creator “Buffalo / Find Your Wings”

These tracks by themselves are incredible, but the visual work does nothing but adds style points! Tyler, the Creator puts his creative side on full display in the video above. The video starts with “Buffalo,” a very interesting record, but switches quickly to “Find Your Wings,” a more graceful song I’m sure you’ll love!

Don Cash, Polo “Chasing Chicken”

“Chasing chicken never chasing bitches…” He couldn’t have said it any better! No matter what you’re doing, this song will keep you motivated to keep on going. Bump this when you are running low on energy this week. You won’t regret it.

Azizi Gibson “Till Death”

Unique is the only way to explain Azizi Gibson’s sound. Sometimes unique music isn’t always good. However in this case, it is very good. This tape will catch your attention immediately because of its originality. So if you haven’t already heard it, I suggest opening your ears up and giving Azizi a spin on his new album!

Alison Wonderland, Konshens “Games”

Warning: IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DANCE, DO NOT PLAY THIS TRACK. This song is strictly for the dance floor. Nothing else! Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to party to this club banger.

Skrillex, The Game “El Chapo”

The Game and Skrillex show us they know how to speak some Español on this song. These two made magic in the studio together I’m looking forward to all their future collaborations, if they will be as hard as this! Give this track a listen even if it’s the last thing you do this week.

SKVNNY “Sellin’ Dope”

“Sellin’ Dope” was the perfect title for this track. Through his lyrics, SKVNNY makes selling drugs sound so easy. It makes me want to go pick up a pack and hit the block. Even though I’m joking, this is a blueprint for anyone who considers themselves a “trapper.”

Martin $ky “You Know Why I’m Here”

Whenever you need something to zone out this week, listen to Martin $ky’s latest release. I can say that the person who made this beat is a genius; if you don’t believe me take a listen for yourself.

K Camp “Jumpman Freestyle”

Let’s be real: Nobody can touch Drake and Future’s version but K Camp came pretty close. Dropping hot bar after hot bar he kept the energy of the song up while also delivering substance. If you’re looking for something new to keep your aux cord or your headphones occupied; this will do.

G Herbo “Watch Me Ball”

Of course Herb couldn’t disappoint after making his fans wait forever for the “Ballin Like I’m Kobe” tape. The tape has several bangers on it but “Watch Me Ball” is by far the standout. Classic G Herbo. Roll up and enjoy!

Dom Kennedy, Tish Hyman “2 Bad”

Dom Kennedy has officially the released perfect song for boo-loving. Next time you’re with your girl, throw this on; you can thank me later.

Written by Manny King John

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