#10NewRecords To Get You Through The Week: 4

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Curren$y, Fetty Wap, Jay Watts, Nick Grant and more.

Curren$y “Boulders”

With pretty women and fast cars in just about all of his videos, I would say Curren$y (or Spitta) has been winning for a while now. Even though his songs are always consistent and filled with substance, his music is often underappreciated. He is a certified hustler and has been at it for years; “Boulders” is another hit. Even if you aren’t a fan, you shouldn’t scroll past this video.

Fetty Wap “Grandma”

After releasing his debut album, Fetty Wap is back to dropping solid singles. “Grandma” is not as catchy as his biggest hit “Trap Queen”, but I’ve played it back a couple of times already. Ever since he arrived on the scene, “Zoovier” hasn’t disappointed. This guy is putting on for New Jersey in a major way. Check out his latest single below.

Jay Watts “How You Feel”

Jay Watts is another artist from Jersey on the come up. Paterson just keeps pushing out musical talents. Although he is from the same city as Fetty Wap, he makes totally different music. “How You Feel” is a track strictly for the club (or wherever you’re turning up at) this weekend. Take a couple shots and tell the DJ to play this.

Nick Grant “The Jungle”

From the minute the video started, I knew this wasn’t going to be just any regular Hip-Hop or Rap song. The video as well as the lyrics are filled with the soul that I believe came straight from the artists’ heart. Throughout the song when Nick Grant mentions “The Jungle,” he is referring to the world we are living in; keep that in mind as you watch this amazing video.

Jazze Belle “Jagged Edge”

Not much I can say about this record since I haven’t heard anything like it. Jazze Belle has a beautiful voice that blends perfectly with this unique beat. I would love to see some visuals for “Jagged Edge” but sadly, only the audio was released. Whatever you do, make sure you give this a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

APSPDR+ “Oceans (Remix)”

I wouldn’t call this a “love” song but you can definitely make love to it. This track is super slow and is filled with suggestive lyrics. With a name like APSPDR+, I didn’t know what to expect before pressing play. Unlike me, you should never judge a book by its cover so give this a spin on a late night sometime this week.

Chip “Hat-Trick”

If Chip didn’t have the accent, I would have never guessed he was from London. Whoever the guy is, that he dissed, is finished after this. The video is nothing too special but the song is something else. In the video, he drops plenty of bars for us while his friends rode on hover-boards. I’ve never seen anyone, so happy rapping to a diss record. Chip must’ve already known he won the battle.

Wiley “25 MCs”

Whenever you need a song to keep you going this week, I would definitely suggest this. For some reason, Wiley sounds more motivated on this song than some of his past singles. The flow he uses and the energy he puts into it is what makes this record contagious. I’m sure his level of motivation will help add to yours.

ho99o9 “DeathKult Disciples”

In general, ho99o9 puts on amazing performances that are filled with energy. The director for the “DeathKult” video caught some wild scenes from their most recent live shows, then edited them beautifully. If you’re into Rock or anything of that nature, you’re going to love how wild this group gets.

G Herbo, Joey Bada$$ “Lord Knows”

Since these two artists are in two different lanes musically, I never would have expected them to work together. I don’t think anyone else but Metro Boomin could have produced a beat for Joey Bada$$ and G Herbo’s different rap styles to mix into a hit. Hopefully, we can get more of this killer combination in the very near future!

Written by Manny King John

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