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#10NewRecords To Get You Through The Week: 2

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of D.R.A.M., Kanye West, Punch, Redman and more.

Drake “Hotline Bling”

There is no way you haven’t heard this song if you have been alive for the past couple weeks! Now we finally have some visuals; out the video I’m sure you’ll have as much fun watching it as Drake had when he made it.

D.R.A.M. “Cha Cha”

I must say that D.R.A.M. knew what he was doing when he made this song. Using a Super Mario Bro’s sample, he created the perfect track and for a chill night. If you’re a 90’s baby, pay attention to the video and listen closely!

Suede Jury “Outrage”

It is so hard to make a living as a Boom-Bap rap artist these days but Suede Jury has a good shot! He has bars for days and a crazy old school filter on the video which is a killer combination. This song is strictly for the old-school Hip-Hop fanatics! Without a doubt he’s one of the hottest people out with the old school sound.

Kanye West “When I See It”

Kanye West created a new Soundcloud page and dropped 2 new tracks. This song is a little on the slow side and it is full of emotion. Follow his Soundcloud page to have a valid way to keep up with new music from Mr. West!

Kanye West “Say You Will”

This second track he dropped is a new twist on an old record. I wasn’t expecting a remix since the original was so good. The new effects Kanye added sent the track in a darker direction than the original. I like both versions of this song but the remix has a totally different feel. Listen and decide which one you like better.

Redman “Dope Man”

Redman’s new track “Dope Man” has his normal gritty sound, but the visuals paint a different picture. In the video, he made some unusual fashion choices but whatever it’s just great to see Redman acting again!

Chris Brown “Gravity”

Chris Brown is releasing his newest project “Royalty” this month on the twenty-seventh so be ready. The single “Gravity” is full of emotion which is what you should expect coming from Chris. I am not sure if this track will be on the album, but it is too good to be ignored. If you hear anything from your ex this week or if you’re going through a breakup throw it on repeat until you come back to your senses.

Punch “Uninspired”

It’s never smart to judge a book by its cover. The title of this track will definitely throw you off since it’s actually inspirational. This song is all about the struggle and how hard it is to get through it. Whenever you need something to keep you focused this week, give this song a spin or two.

Young Thug “Raw”

The wait is finally over! Young Thug dropped slime season 2 and it is fire. The single “Raw” is one of my favorites from the mixtape. I would describe this as a love song, but it is surprisingly not bad. This beat is perfect for his flow any Young Thug fan would agree. Click the link and listen for yourself.

Chance The Rapper “Family Matters”

“Family is the only thing that matters.” As long as Chance The Rapper continues to put out all this creative material he will have a rap career!

Miguel “waves”

The video for this song is very interesting and even has some familiar faces in it. Check out the Miguel’s new video and see if you recognize anybody you know.

The video for Miguel​’s latest single “waves” grabbed my attention from the very beginning. A celebration would be the best way to describe what’s happening in the visuals for this it track. Miguel has been on the rise for a while now and I don’t see him falling off anytime soon. He is the perfect example of hard work paying off!

Written by Manny King John

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