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10 new videos you need to see right now (Lil Baby, Rico Nasty)

Watch new music videos by NOVA TWINS, Trinidad James, Lil Baby, Rico Nasty and more.

Lil Baby

NOVA TWINS – Lose Your Head (Submission)

Amy Love and Georgia South make up the eclectic duo NOVA TWINS. Hailing from South-east London, the pair exudes Grime punk realness in their new video for ‘Lose Your Head.’ With Amy’s vociferating vocals and Georgia’s powerful bass riffs, the sound created is an authentic, modern twist with screamo and pop elements. Proving their distinctive attributes despite stereotyping and discrimination about their mixed heritage from music critics, NOVA TWINS unstintingly let their veritableness shine through. If you’re looking for something to rock out to this week, Lose Your Head is the track for you!

Hola Chica – Mirage (Personal)

What’s the harm in hearing an upbeat electronic indie-pop tune to jumpstart your week? Absolutely nothing I assume. What’s the probability that you will feel robustly vitalized and inspired with lyrics ‘All your dreams are, all your dreams are getting closer’ in the chorus in a song? Presumably, it’s pretty high. Barcelona-based band Hola Chica’s song Mirage is a breath of fresh air with reverbed vocals, rousing breakdowns, and ethereally layered guitars. An energized track that everyone needs to hear, let this sonic wave uplift you.

Jae Stephens – You Love That (Personal)

Jae Stephens is too cool in her new video for ‘You Love That.’ The Los Angeles-based artist shows just how cool, calm, and collected she is as she parades around the outside of an apartment complex rocking cool shades as she sings about her ‘thing for [a] masochist.’ Tuneful harmonies and sweet rifts allow Jae to take lyrics about a toxic addiction and make it sound as fresh and enjoyable as her voice. Who knew something such a confusing and bittersweet love affair could sound so good once it is sung about?

James BKS – Kwele featuring Allan Kingdom & Manu Dibango (Personal)

I’ve only played this song a little over several times, and it’s already stuck on me! James BKS is the first artist signed to Idris Elba’s music label 7Wallace, but he’s no stranger in the music world. He has previous work with Diddy, Talib Kweli, and others and runs the creative house Grown Kid, which composes music for some of the top fashion lines commercial’s. A mosaic of Afro-pop and experimental sound, it is no surprise that the vibrancy and motion of the video fiercely compliment James BKS’s polyrhythmic style. The song’s title is an ode to the Kwele ethnic group from Gabon, Republic of Congo and Cameroon, known for their illustrious ceremonial masks and the beginning of the video starts off with a mask being held. Features from Canadian rapper Allan Kingdom and James BKS’s father, Afro-Jazz saxophonist Manu Dibango add to the zestiness of the tune. Check it out!

Trinidad James – MMM (Marilyn Maryland Marilyn) (Personal)

Trinidad James is back with his new single ‘MMM’ James blazes the track with an intense delivery and a chorus that is catchy and repetitive. In a recent interview, James dished on what ‘M.M.M’ meant to him and how the inspiration of Marilyn Monroe, Maryland state sports, and Marilyn Manson helped to conjure up the lyrics to this song. The fun video shows James on a basketball court shooting balls of fire and eventually setting his hair ablaze. Is this track as hot as the graphics in the video? Give a listen, and a let us know.

Huey Supreme – Dolla Bill (Personal)

Virginia-based rapper Huey Supreme’s new track Dolla Bill is something to give a listen this week. A funky flow over a jazzy beat makes this track an easy listen. The video shows Huey counting some bills and hanging around with his entourage. The fresh and unique visual (that were shot on an iPhone 7+) give a chill ambience to the track as Huey’s flow glides across the track. Showing his ability to switch up his style, his crooning voice sings ‘Tell me what you doin’ for a dollar bill, cause I know how it feels’ at the end of the song. Let this breezy track cool you down.

Kid Ink – Woop Woop (Personal)

This new track by Kid Ink is straight up ‘feel-good’ Summer music. A sweet melody and lyrics about the love he has for his girl, the song is sure to be added to many playlists. The laidback, island-type of vibes the video showcases gives this song a feeling of tropical paradise as the footage of the visual show from vacation in Jamaica. Carefree and joyous moods are clearly what Kid Ink is all about, and I’m here for it!

Lil Baby – Boss Bitch featuring Hoodrich Pablo Juan (Personal)

Two of the hottest artists on the Atlanta Rap scene teamed for this track with its flashy new visual. Lil Baby and Hoodrich Pablo Juan share a lot in common, and one of those things happen to be their liking for boss bitches. This video is full of beautiful women, luxurious jewellery and cars, and a ton of cash flaunting. These two rappers are expected to become even hotter as the year goes by so make sure you listen to this track right now and tell us what you think.

Asian Doll – Crunch Time (Personal)

This song is purely for getting into grind/focus mode. Need a song to listen to in the gym? Or even a song to get you through a long dragged-out shift? The title of Asian Doll’s new song ‘Crunch Time’ is self-explanatory but the lyrics do all the explaining. Asian talks about making her dreams come true and getting to the bag (which is some inspiration for everyone!). The video has splices of the rapper performing live at different concerts, showing just how hard she’s been working. In June, Asian just announced her record deal with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records so it’s no bluff that she has been working hard. Let this track inspire you to do the same.

Young Thug – Up featuring Lil Uzi Vert (Personal)

Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert joined forces with their eccentricity on this new track ‘Up’. A visual with this two wouldn’t be anything without eerie and quirky vibes, and that’s just what this video is. The various stills in the video all possess surrealist themes that almost serve in comparison to the raunchy lyrics. A mix of uncanny with the right dash of swag is totally what these two bring on this tune. Give it a listen!

Rico Nasty – Countin Up (Personal)

This is one of my favourite songs to come out this Summer. Rico Nasty has stolen all of our hearts with her authentically ballsy style so when she dropped her latest project ‘Nasty’, the obsession just intensified. With her keen delivery, the rapper shines on ‘Countin Up’ shines as the aesthetically pleasing yet aberrant visuals help to provide that Hype Williams-type of feel to the video. The jittery and irregular execution only accentuates Rico’s animated style as she jaunts on the aggressive beat.

Written by Manny King John

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